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What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Are there "hidden messages" from God encoded in the Torah? Is the government of the United States spraying deadly chemicals on its citizens? Is the Earth just 10,000 years old?

If you wonder what New Mexico's scientists are saying about these and other questions, you've come to the right site!

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Videos of Recent Meetings!
Dave Thomas on "They're Ba-ack! Magnetic Water Conditioning and Other Pseudoscience Zombies"
Mark Boslough on "As seen on Jeopardy! April Fools and Alabama π"
Jim Kirkland on "Feathering Utahraptor: History of Dromaeosaur Discoveries"
Mario Cruz on 'AI Persuasive Technology and Social Media: A moral dilemma?'
Barbara Forrest on 'Thoughts on Kitzmiller 15 Years On'
Ben Radford on "Big - if True!",
Nicholas Lamar Soutter on the Election, Future of Science;
Cynthia Hall on "The PRC and Climate Change,
Tom Solomon on "A Sustainable Economy Without Fracking",
Panel Discussion on COVID-19
Holly Olivarez on Climate Change and Covid19
Jim Gover on Economic Growth
JuLY 14th, 2021 NMSR Meeting: Mick West on the UAP "Flap"!
Mick West will discuss the recent flap of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs), and the new official reports from the government. He has been analyzing the the “Flying Pyramid”, the “FLIR”, the “GOFAST”, and the “GIMBAL” videos.
JUNE 2021 NMSR REPORTS ON-LINE - News, Puzzles, Meetings, Dave Thomas on Pseudoscience Zombies, MORE! Puzzles
JUNE 2021 PUZZLE - "The Fauci Ouchie"
9-11 "Truth" Resources: Presentation Slides, Physics Videos, More!
NMSR's YouTube Channel
NMSR's Anthropogenic Global Warming Fact Sheet

Mark Fraser's UPDATED 2015 talk on 'Debunking Climate Denialists'
Dennis Lee is FOUND after 10 years! The NEW Scam!
Solve This Week's Socorro Stumper (from El Defensor Chieftain)
Science Watch Podcasts NMSR Science Watch is now going to the Internet Archive!!!
Taxpayers on the hook for UNM Bigfoot expedition? Rob Kryder talked to NMSR on January 14, 2017. SEE MEETING SUMMARY.
"Beyond Earthquake Lights: Progress in Seismo-EM" by Alberto Enriquez
Try out NMSR's new Magic Trick!
Dennis Lee of "Free Electricity" Infamy now Touting 9X Mileage Device!
News 13 and Albuquerque Journal Succumb to Creationist Whining...

Marshall Berman's Feb. 13th Darwin Day Talk "The 'Intelligently Designed' Attack on Science and Society" is ON-LINE!

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