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What really happened in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947? Are there "hidden messages" from God encoded in the Torah? Is the government of the United States spraying deadly chemicals on its citizens? Is the Earth just 10,000 years old?

If you wonder what New Mexico's scientists are saying about these and other questions, you've come to the right site!

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NMSR Election Results, Anniversary Oops, Creationists Want Equal Time on COSMOS, Paluxy Dinosaur Chase Scene, NM Tech Search for Exoplanets, MORE!
Next Meeting at MUSEUM of NAT. HIST & SCIENCE
May 14th, 2014 NMSR Meeting - Alfred Russel Wallace - Was He Robbed?
APRIL 2014 NMSR REPORTS ON-LINE - Elections coming, Puzzles, Discovery institute Attacks Cosmos, MORE! Puzzles
APRIL 2014 PUZZLE - "Black and White Hats"
9-11 "Truth" Resources: Presentation Slides, Physics Videos, More!
NMSR's new YouTube Channel
NMSR's Anthropogenic Global Warming Fact Sheet

Albuquerque Journal Op Ed, February 4th, 2013: Writer Wrong On Climate Change
Best and Worst of 2012 MIND READING ON THE INTERNET?
Try out NMSR's new Magic Trick!
Science Watch Podcasts NMSR Science Watch is now going to the Internet Archive!!!
The New Adventures of Ernie Electron
by Dave Thomas. As seen in the pages of the New Mexico Tech student newspaper, Paydirt.
"Beyond Earthquake Lights: Progress in Seismo-EM" by Alberto Enriquez
Homeopathy - Quack Medicine. A Special Report by Harry M. Murphy Dennis Lee of "Free Electricity" Infamy now Touting 9X Mileage Device! NEW TOON by DAVE THOMAS

Marshall Berman's Feb. 13th Darwin Day Talk "The 'Intelligently Designed' Attack on Science and Society" is ON-LINE!

Complete Site Map HOUSE BILL 302 has been TABLED! Curious about Rio Rancho EX-Mayor Kevin Jackson? Search the Site
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